Sunday, September 1, 2019


A harrowing scene occurred in Jerusalem on August 20, 2019 when Mrs. Yehudit Kin's burial was stopped for 6 hours by David Lau of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate in a failed attempt to pressure her son Meir Kin to give an illegal Get to his wife Lonna. In a letter in Hebrew and English from Rabbi Abraham Gestetner of the Monsey Bais Din, it is clearly pointed out that Meir already executed a Get a long time ago. This exposes the corruption and amateurish behavior of this rabbinical body in its current constitution.

In addition to the above rabbinical extortion, there have been other incidents of harassment such as a suspicious visit from Lonna's boyfriend Rachmiel Strausberg and an ORA protest at the mourner's house in Los Angeles during the Shiva. More videos related to this case can be found on Meir Kin's YouTube channel.

We are not surprised that Lau, a person who cheated on his semicha test, would enthusiastically pursue an action that is not only despicable but also in complete violation of accepted halacha. This proves once again that the Israeli Rabbinate is very far from being a paragon of justice and virtue. It can be more aptly described as an extortionist cartel. One only wonders what it would be like if this corrupt rabbinical body had more power than it already does, seeing that they delusionally compare themselves to a modern-day Sanhedrin that has the right to step all over the work of other honest Bais Dins, thereby exerting their control over Jews worldwide. For example, they currently jail men from all over the world who refuse to give a Get against their will. Any Bais Din that is not one of their puppets is automatically labeled as 'unrecognized.'

To obtain a master list of documents from the Bais Din, simply send a totally blank email with 9999 in the subject line to Putting 1025 in the subject line will get you the document below.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


(Image courtesy The Jewish Week)

When it comes to searching for the real instigator in the sordid marriage annulment scandal we've been hearing about, it is clear that much of the finger pointing has been directed at Rabbis Kamenetsky, Greenblatt, and Dayan Fuerst. Although the reasons for that are well understood, we believe that much, if not most of the scrutiny should be placed elsewhere, and that is squarely opon the shoulders of ORA. 

Who and what is ORA? The Organization For The Resolution Of Agunot was founded in 2002 under the aegis of rabbi Herschel Schachter, and led by the rabble-rousing rabbi Jeremy Stern. ORA has been busy fomenting a repugnant and bull-nosed feminist agenda from behind the scenes, pitting malcontented women against their husbands, and destroying marriages. This rent-a-mob has been busy tarring and feathering many of these men in Jewish neighborhoods all across America, under the battle cry, "Yankel, Berel, and Shmerel, give a get!"
ORA is an organization that was conceived in sin, is steeped in ignorance and confusion, and over the years has unfortunately given birth to many mamzeirim through exactly this type of thuggery. Evidence of it's fraudulent nature can be found right in it's very name: The halachic definition of an 'agunah' is a wife whose husband has gone missing, without knowing if he's alive or dead, not a woman who simply wants 'out' of her marriage. This ill-conceived and wrongheaded approach has actually undermined their very own purported mission statement. By squandering precious time and resources on abetting self-centered women to abandon their marriages in search of some ersatz freedom, they have knowingly neglected those real abandoned wives who are truly in need of help.
But none of that matters to a group that is not at all interested in torah and halacha, but rather in making a name for themselves, as they slavishly pursue their public relations agenda while shamefully kow-towing to the false idol of feminism. For indeed it was Rabbeinu Gershom himself who was just as concerned about a husband wrongfully abandoning his wife as he was about a wife unjustly abandoning her husband, and taking the children with her! You just can't have it both ways.
Another example of ORA's total lack of integrity can be seen in rabbi Schachter's infamous letter of January 2011 calling for Aharon Friedman to give a get to Tamar. The halacha is clear that coercion and shaming is not warranted in a case of "maus alay", the woman who "wants out." And sure enough the Baltimore bes din, the only halachic body with any jurisdiction in the matter, had paskened that giving a get was not warranted in Aharon's case. But rabbi Schachter's ORA mentality went into high gear, producing a Rashi-typesetted fatwa, which demanded force to be used against Aharon if he would not comply. It was based upon acceptance of the wizard-behind-the-curtain authority of rabbi Kamenetzky, who himself is on record for first supporting the coercion of a get, and failing that to approving annulment of the marriage, to finally denying having anything to do with it. Strangely enough, rabbi Schachter himself expressed disapproval of that same marriage annulment ruling, irrespective of the elder Kamenetsky's omniscience. Stranger still, Schachter's ORA cryptically announced in December 2013 that "Tamar is Free," even though no get was to be forthcoming from Aharon. This was allegedly referring to the self-same annulment ruling that rabbi Schachter himself had rejected!
ORA's hypocrosy and incredulity were fully on display at a rally against Aharon in his hometown of Silver Spring, MD on Dec 4, 2011. One of the featured speakers lecturing Aharon, and waxing poetic about the need to have the utmost respect for a woman's needs, was Barry Freundel. He is the once all-powerful and now discredited RCA member and D.C. pulpit rabbi who was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison for voyeuring 52 women - mostly new converts and young students - in his shul mikvah's shower rooms by means of 3 hidden cameras. Another blowhard speaker at the rally was none other than Hirsh Chinn, the guy who married Avraham Rubin's wife Miriam Chaya Mund. Rubin was the fellow who was forced to give his wife a get after he was mercilessly beaten to within an inch of his life by the 'tough guys' of Mendel Epstein, the "Prodfather" who was sentenced in December of last year to 10 years in prison. The Edah Charedis had subsequently issued a letter questioning the validity of that coerced get, in an effort to verify the true facts of the case and prevent a tragedy of mamzeirus.
The origins of this climate of violence at ORA can be traced back to a rambling and disjointed lecture given by rabbi Schachter, wherein he advocates using baseball bats to beat up men who are going through divorces. It is precisely this sort of hyperbole that led to the horrific scene one Tisha B'Av day when Mendel's goons waylayed and beat up an unsuspecting Aharon who had come to pick up his daughter from his in-laws, almost overpowering him until thankfully he was able to get away.
So it is plain to see that ORA, far from being the benevelont Jewish advocacy group they want you to believe, is in reality a sleazy and dangerous rabble-rousing gang of thugs, and their unsuspecting do-gooder stooges, who thrive on intimidation while fomenting an atmosphere that is conducive to violence on whatever quiet and peaceful neighborhood street they plan to descend upon next as vultures to a carcass.
Now that Mendel Epstein and his cohorts have been put away, the men who were previously intimidated by the feminist rabbis are starting to feel empowered to stand up for their halachic rights again. The time has now come for ORA to be investigated for connections they may have had to Epstein's ring, and any other unlawful activities that infringe upon people's liberties, so that it too will disappear. When that day comes, the foundation will have been laid for a stronger Jewish society based opon proper marriage laws from the Shulchan Aruch. And Jeremy Stern will change from being a one trick pony into a more well rounded personality.   



David Wax.png(Photo credit-AP)

He couldn't hold a candle to Judge Freda Wolfson.
David Wax, the Lakewood rabbi whose arrest in 2011 set the wheels of justice in motion for the apprehension of Mendel "The Prodfather" Epstein and his gang, was sentenced to seven years behind bars. His wife Judy was sentenced to two years probation for her role in the kidnapping and beating of Yisroel Meir Bryskman, which was orchestrated after the pair received a payment of $100,000 from the family of Bryskman's then wife to pressure him to give a get. Because it's always nice to do a good greed - - I mean deed. After all, someone needed to pay for the new carpeting as a result of Yisroel's blood being spilled all over the floor.
It was previously reported that Wax was put up to be the songbird that he was, implicating Epstein and Wolmark, in exchange for a sweet deal for himself that never materialized.
So what went wrong? Here is where we learn the lesson of not trying to pull one over on the judge. Wax thought he could go over Freda Wolfson's head by not cooperating fully with the prosecution as he agreed. While this development seemed to have worked in Epstein's son David's favor, who walked, it nevertheless ticked off the judge, and got Wax's behind handed to him. One gets the feeling that the underpinnings of graft and patronage still dig deep.
So now that this thug in rabbinical clothing was put away, it's time to expose the other fake rabbis who coddle the perpetrators of child abuse, blame the victim, keep undesirable kids out of schools, and break apart families.
It looks like it's time for a new kind of wax museum. 

Monday, December 28, 2015


An Israeli rabbi and attorney is accusing feminists of focusing their devotion towards women instead of to G-d.
Dov Halbertal says that religious feminists, who in the past were mostly religious zionists but now increasingly also charedi, are exhibiting behavior which is very much at odds with the cautious approach to the women's liberation movement espoused by the venerated Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik זצ"ל, who was the undisputed leader of the Modern Orthodox world in the previous generation.
Rabbi Soloveitchik has stated that although in a theoretical sense men and women are inherently equal, and should be treated as such, when it all boils down to practical halacha the Torah assigns very different roles to males and females, depending upon the circumstances. And those ancient guidelines can never be changed.
As an example, we find that a woman is disqualified from bearing witness, but then again, so is a king. No one would assume that a king is more lowly than a simple water carrier, and certainly neither would a woman be, and yet that is the halacha.
In another example, Rabbi Soloveitchik professed the idea that a woman should generally not assume positions of authorty in communal life, including forbidding them to become ritual slaughterers, but did allow females to become kashruth supervisors, even stating that in that capacity they are better than the men.
Rabbi Halbertal was close to Rav Elyashiv זצ"ל 
In this new age of radical ideas, where we see that feminist rabbis are desperately trying to gain the approval of women by trying to artificially level the playing field in marriage and divorce, we should remind them that their attempt at changing the metaphysical laws of the universe is only going to lead to disaster.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Rabbi Mendel Epstein appeared Tuesday.Let this be a warning to all you marriage-busting, phony agunah chasing rabbis and askanim out there: The game is over and your time has come.

You thought that you were the Untouchables, but instead you were taken down like the common criminals that you are by no less than the FBI and the Federal Justice System. It didn't even help you to have your case heard by a female judge, Freda Wolfson, in the liberal Blue State of New Jersey. Although you conducted your affairs according to the false בעל of feminism, you should have been championing the cause of the downtrodden בעל. You are the modern day version of the 
עשרת עושים-מעשי-המן, but instead of going up the tree you are going up the river:

Martin Wolmark, who made sure not to leave a mark, was sentenced to 3 years;
Ariel Potash, those heads he could bash, got a year and 2 months;
Sholom Shuchat, who was prepared to slaughter, was sentenced to time served;
Binyamin Stimler, who was ready to sting but instead got stung, received 3 years and 3 months;
David Hellman, who could really give'm hell, got 4 years;
Simcha Bulmash, who could smash like a bull, got 4 years;
Avrohom Goldstein,
Moshe Goldstein and
Jay Goldstein, who would never miss a golden opportunity, were sentenced to 3 years 9 months, 4 years and 8 years respectively.
Mendel Epstein, the שור מועד  and Prodfather, got a life sentence of 10 years.

This horrible saga has been well covered in the media, including in some international outlets:  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The above rabbinic gangsters have created a big CHILUL HASHEM in the Jewish Community. They thought that they were above the law by organizing a terror gang that systematically tortured and kidnapped men to extort a get from them. These corruptors of halacha not only violated the laws of the land, but apparently also caused adulterous marriages to occur. These actions invariably lead to the creation of mamzeirim. They have done all of this despite the outcries of many rabbis in Israel. Read more about their insidious activities at the following links here:   and here:  and here:  .
These gangsters are a disgrace to Judaism. The public needs to be warned to stay away from these so-called rabbis who parade themselves around as righteous figures in religious garb, but in reality are nothing more than prostitutes for money and feminist causes.
We highly suggest to any woman out there who received a get from any of these men to get another one as soon as possible. Otherwise you may be living in sin.

Friday, July 22, 2011


It has been alleged in court documents that Rabbi David and Judy Wax from Lakewood, New Jeresy have decided that it is permissible to violate the laws of America to further their twisted ideologies that allows for a coerced get, when in fact the Torah does not allow it under those circumstances. Furthermore, his alleged attempted extortion of $100,000 from Yisroel Meir Briskman's father is another Torah violation. This rabbinic couple is a disgrace to society, and a disgrace to the Jewish religion. We condemn their actions, as well as all other corrupted rabbis who follow this principle of coercion and extortion schemes, including the Israeli Rabbinate who support these types of actions . See and
Here is the actual complained filed in court by the FBI against David and Judy Wax.
We are hopeful that their trial will convict them and that the FBI will further their investigations into other Rabbis across the USA,including ORA ,, who employ similar tactics or may have been connected to this extortion scheme.Many Chareidi Rabbis in Israel have nullified this extorted Get from Yisroel Meir Briskman as seen here.
The Rabbis who perpetrate these acts, or support this behavior, as well as the general population who remains silent while this sinful acts occur, are responsible for the tragic events that occur to the Jewish people, whether to individuals or to the nation as a whole. This is a clear statement said in the Talmud in Tractate Shabbos, Daf 139A by Rabbi Yossi Ben Elisha.