Friday, September 11, 2009

Rabbi Moshe Green violates Rabeinu Tam Cheirem

Rabbi Green from Monsey, Ny has joined the ranks of corrupt rabbis in the U.S.A. It is very unfortunate that rabbi green has capitualted to money and violated Rabbeinu Tam's Cheirem by issuing a letter: that invalidates a certain rabbi's Gittin. rabbi Green does not indicate a reason why this Rabbi's Gittin are not valid but blatantly disregards their validity as if this was a piece of meat that he can render as a rabbinic supervisor that it is unkosher and unfit for consumption. Even when it comes to meat supervision, such halachic decisions are arrived at by a rabbinic supervisor supervising the meat plant and the shochet, and not by random reflexive decisions. However in this case it is an apparent corrupt decision by moshe green made thru indirect bribes as it was well known that a supporter of his yeshiva Mr Oberlander had contributed large sums of monies to his Yeshive via "journal ads" just prior to the issuance of the above referenced letter.
Also see this letter addressed to this Bais Din By the Eida Chareidis in a very respectful manner which contradicts his assertion as well as Ora, and other rabbis that slander this man and his Bais Din:

Apparently Mr Oberlanders daughter was undergoing a nasty divorce with Mr Rappaport who had deposited a GET at a particular Bais Din and wanted to make herself appear like an "aguna" by having moshe green state that the get is invalid. You ask what is there to gain by falsely claiming to be an aguna? The answer is that New York State has a GET law that will punish a husband who refuses to give a GET, by granting ALL MARITAL ASSETS to the wife,and Mr Rappaport had "lots of assets". The 2 other proofs that implicate his corruption are A) a Rabbi who renders a halachic decision, does so in a letter written in hebrew and not in English, as seen by the other letter written by rabbi Gestetner. Moshe green wrote this letter for one purpose only, to be used in court by Mr Rapapports former wife to show she is an Aguna. What was Moshe Green thinking? Is a court ordered Get Kosher in Halacha? B) In one of the ads (written in hebrew) one can see Mr Oberlander writing " for all that you have done for our family"!! Doesnt this seem suspicious? See this site where another woman reportedly feigns to be an Aguna. . Rabeinu Tam in his wisdom forbade the invalidation of Gittin without good cause as this can potentially cause mamzeirim in Israel. Moshe Green's statements, without justified proof or cause, has now falsely raised concern about the mamzerus state of all those children born to women who remarried with gittin issued at that Bais Din. This is not only a sin committed against the reputation of these children, but to their parents and to this Bais Din. Moshe green was asked to retract such statements and apologize and has refused to do so. See: translation), and . A letter in hebrew by a different Bais Din has decried his actions and labels him a sinner by jewish law.
see: Whoever can influence Moshe green to repent and retract his letter will be rewarded by heaven for sparing much shame to countless people and will stop the perpetuance of Mamzeirim in Israel. It is no surprise that he is corrupted , as he is seen here signing a letter in support of a "CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST". In the meantime all the rules of Cheirem are applicable to Moshe Green. One should discuss with a competent and UNCORRUPTED rabbi all the Halachic ramifications of Cheirem.


Anonymous said...

i noticed in the journal ads that mr oberlander ends the add with the words .."for all that you have done for our family", this raises my suspicion that its true that Rabbi Green was influenced by money. It's not surprising to me since rabbinic corruption is rampant today!!!

Anonymous said...

Moshe green will never repent. He is a sinner who loves money. It runs in the family. Even the basterd hershel the schlechter condemned pinky and his buddy dovid he'cholol cohen yesh"u

Anonymous said...

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