Sunday, December 27, 2009


Herschel Schachter has been nominated by this site to be in the "top 3 category" of corrupt "Reformadox" rabbis in America. In fact we have removed the title rabbi and replaced it with "Talmudic Professor" which befits him better. You see my fellow jewish brethren, an Orthodox Rabbi does not reform the Torah as it was given to us in Sinai. Orthodox Jewry believes in only 1 Torah and it cannot be reformed no matter how much pressure you are under from different political groups! Herschel Schachter A.K.A Herschel Schlechter has unfortunately succumbed to the Jewish Feminist groups in America . These groups of feminist minded women, including Naomi Mauer from the Jewish Press, were fed up that the Torah has given the man the power of deciding or consenting to the "giving of a Get" and they decided that "certain changes" need to be made to make this process "equal for all genders". So Herschel Schlechter decided to head a new organization called "Ora" (Organization for the resolution of Agunot)
and this organization’s charter calls for organizing campaigns of harassment, intimidation, public humiliation, spreading Loshon Hora, Sinas Chinom, Motzi Laaz al Get, etc… against ANY MAN WHO HASN’T GIVEN HIS WIFE A GET YESTERDAY! Herschel Schlechter was contacted many times about individual cases where a good reason existed why the couple hadn’t fully divorced and a GET wasn’t delivered, coupled with supporting documentation, yet Herschel Schlechter refused to acknowledge these circumstances and continued his support of these lowly "Anti-Torah" tactics against innocent men. It is almost as if you are always "guilty for being a man"
Ladies and Gentlemen: let us be clear and concise, the Torah does not allow any form of coercion in obtaining a Get, otherwise that Get is invalid. If a woman remarries with an invalid Get, her children are Mamzeirim!! See this link which lists women who have used such coercive methods:
Herschel Schlechter doesn’t want you to know that, so he will "reform orthodoxy" and come up with a brilliant twist to why we can "bend some rules". Would you want you family members to take such chances and taint your family geneology? The Mishna in Kesubot, Daf 77-1 is very explicit in defining the ONLY ALLOWED CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE COERCION TO EXTRACT A GET IS ALLOWED. These cases of coercion listed in the Mishna are not readily found today and not applicable to the cases that Ora and Herschel Schlechter are attacking! Herschel the Schlechter wants to reform orthodoxy to allow for "all cases to be coercible". This is why he supports women going to the Civil Courts which is another grave sin in the torah!!! This is why he supports the New York Get Law which coerces the man to give a Get. He has no problem with women jailing their husbands even after a Get was delivered, because he might owe her some child support!! Additional sins that arise from his actions that are not listed above are: MESIRA, BRINGING MAMZEIRIM IN THIS WORLD, ISSUR OF EISHES ISH, ETC…I’m sorry but you cannot reform the Mishna unless of course you are a "reform jew"!!
Additionally, Herschel Schlechter contradicts his own words. See this link of Herschel discussing parameters of Mesira: and this:
Do you notice, in his lectures he is quoted as saying that you are not allowed to cause someone to go to jail unless he’s a danger to society and that he wont suffer unusual harshness in the jail! What Herschel Schachter meant was that a sex predator is o.k to inform to Law Enforcement, because he’s a menace and a danger to society, but surely not in other situations! Why then is Herschel Schlechter allowing the women to pursue their husbands in Civil Court, File false Orders of Protection and have them Jailed? Where in the Torah did he derive this from??? See also this link with A LETTER SIGNED BY THE GREAT RABBIS OF THIS GENERATION forbidding going to the civil courts: . Additionally, Herschel Schlechter has shown total disregard for other Rabbinic authorities by creating a public display of Rabbinic divisiveness. He supported and attended a rally outside a highly respected and revered Orthodox Rabbi, in an attempt to discredit and humiliate this Rabbi just because he was advising men vis-a-vis Torah Law pertaining to Divorces. This outrageous behavior undermines the public face in all Torah authority. His behavior reduces the appearance of Torah scholars to the levels of participants on a "Jerry Springer show".
See these link regarding the rally: Additionally, Herschel Schlechter was quoted saying that "we should shoot the prime minister of Israel" (of course he later apologized after mounting pressure from numerous organizations) see:
Also :
Ladies and Gentlemen: Why would Herschel Schlechter busy himself with an ordinary jew from Detroit, New jersey, California etc..who has not yet given his wife a Get, but doesn’t busy himself with a man from these places who perhaps might be destitute and need some tzedaka etc… or Why does Herschel Schlechter not bring out his "ORA" troops to rally in front of famous jewish law offenders such as a) Mr Dwek from Deal N.J, b) Spinka Rebbe C) Robert Kasirer from L.A who committed Mesira, D) Leib Tropper from Monsey sex scandal etc…. Are the sins of the above any less important to protest about? The answer is that Herschel Schlechter’s agenda is not based on truth or Torah value, but rather political expediency particularly the Jewish Feminist Agenda. It is our hope that Herschel Schachter abandon his evil ways,dismantle ORA and do teshuva before destroying many more Jewish homes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rabbi Moshe Green violates Rabeinu Tam Cheirem

Rabbi Green from Monsey, Ny has joined the ranks of corrupt rabbis in the U.S.A. It is very unfortunate that rabbi green has capitualted to money and violated Rabbeinu Tam's Cheirem by issuing a letter: that invalidates a certain rabbi's Gittin. rabbi Green does not indicate a reason why this Rabbi's Gittin are not valid but blatantly disregards their validity as if this was a piece of meat that he can render as a rabbinic supervisor that it is unkosher and unfit for consumption. Even when it comes to meat supervision, such halachic decisions are arrived at by a rabbinic supervisor supervising the meat plant and the shochet, and not by random reflexive decisions. However in this case it is an apparent corrupt decision by moshe green made thru indirect bribes as it was well known that a supporter of his yeshiva Mr Oberlander had contributed large sums of monies to his Yeshive via "journal ads" just prior to the issuance of the above referenced letter.
Also see this letter addressed to this Bais Din By the Eida Chareidis in a very respectful manner which contradicts his assertion as well as Ora, and other rabbis that slander this man and his Bais Din:

Apparently Mr Oberlanders daughter was undergoing a nasty divorce with Mr Rappaport who had deposited a GET at a particular Bais Din and wanted to make herself appear like an "aguna" by having moshe green state that the get is invalid. You ask what is there to gain by falsely claiming to be an aguna? The answer is that New York State has a GET law that will punish a husband who refuses to give a GET, by granting ALL MARITAL ASSETS to the wife,and Mr Rappaport had "lots of assets". The 2 other proofs that implicate his corruption are A) a Rabbi who renders a halachic decision, does so in a letter written in hebrew and not in English, as seen by the other letter written by rabbi Gestetner. Moshe green wrote this letter for one purpose only, to be used in court by Mr Rapapports former wife to show she is an Aguna. What was Moshe Green thinking? Is a court ordered Get Kosher in Halacha? B) In one of the ads (written in hebrew) one can see Mr Oberlander writing " for all that you have done for our family"!! Doesnt this seem suspicious? See this site where another woman reportedly feigns to be an Aguna. . Rabeinu Tam in his wisdom forbade the invalidation of Gittin without good cause as this can potentially cause mamzeirim in Israel. Moshe Green's statements, without justified proof or cause, has now falsely raised concern about the mamzerus state of all those children born to women who remarried with gittin issued at that Bais Din. This is not only a sin committed against the reputation of these children, but to their parents and to this Bais Din. Moshe green was asked to retract such statements and apologize and has refused to do so. See: translation), and . A letter in hebrew by a different Bais Din has decried his actions and labels him a sinner by jewish law.
see: Whoever can influence Moshe green to repent and retract his letter will be rewarded by heaven for sparing much shame to countless people and will stop the perpetuance of Mamzeirim in Israel. It is no surprise that he is corrupted , as he is seen here signing a letter in support of a "CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST". In the meantime all the rules of Cheirem are applicable to Moshe Green. One should discuss with a competent and UNCORRUPTED rabbi all the Halachic ramifications of Cheirem.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Rabbi Bess is the spiritual leader of Kehilas Yaakov in L.A as well as the spiritual leader of the RCC (Rabbinical Council of California). It's been known for a long time that the RCC conducts itself in a corruptive manner in regards to matters of Hashgocho, covering up for sex offenders and their Bais Din rulings. Many people have been hurt by Rabbi Bess and the other RCC rabbis. You can do an internet search and find many examples of corrupted ruling by the RCC. Some web articles have covered these stories. here are some examples:,
2 letters have gone out to the LA community suggesting that Rabbi Bess should resign as leader of Kehilas Yaakov since that shul has suffered more than 5 tragedies in 2 year for unexplained reasons! We as frum Jews are not supposed to believe in coincidence and therefore read these letters and judge for yourself! here is the latest letter:
BS"D 10th Teves 5770 (12/27/2009)
Dear Fellow Mispallelim
Once again we find ourselves writing this letter reluctantly because the pain is too much to bear as well as our CHIYUV to awaken you from the slumber that has overtaken you. Recently, our community was dealt a fatal blow by the untimely passing of the beloved tzadik in our midst DR CHARLIE ABBOTT ZT"L. Many of us attended the Levaya and heard wonderful and heartful Hespeidim from various individuals. Rabbi Bess had mentioned how he had visited a Mekubal in Israel asking for a brocho on behalf of Dr Abbott and how the Mekubal initially refrained from giving a brocho but instead said
" HE IS A GIZBOR NEEMON". We then heard Rabbi Bess cry and look towards shomayim and utter: "WHEN WILL THESE TZOROS STOP". Rabbi Bess was right! When will these tzoros stop and what will it take from us! Kehilas Yaakov has been singled out to be dealt blow after blow of young, ehrlich individuals passing away in an untimely manner. Why has this trend been continuing despite our Tehillim groups etc.? Has Rabbi Bess offered you a concrete and reasonable explanation to why Kehilas Yaakov has been singled out? Of course not! All that he suggested was Tehillim, Tehillim , and more Tehillim! Tehillim is nothing to laugh about, but still just a "bandaid" in solving the real problem. Did you ever see in TENACH that Tehillim stopped plagues? What stopped the plagues was concrete steps taken by Bnei Yisroel in stopping certain "trends of sin" such as Sinas Chinom or Avoida zoro etc…
Many of you might of forgotten the last letter we sent on 5th Av 5769(7/26/2009) right after the Petira of another great member of Kehilas Yaakov, Dr Joel Schwartz ZT"L. You can refer to this letter below which was also posted on 7/2009.
It is obvious that these unusual happenings are some sort of message that Hashem is directing towards Kehilas Yaakov, and up to us to wake up, analyze and initiate change.
We believe that the previous letter has sufficient merit to better understand the root to these tragedies. Are we up to the task to make the necessary changes, or are we going to continue our Tehillim groups and wait to see who is next?



BS”D 5th Av 5769 (7/26/2009)

Dear Fellow Mispallelim

It brings us great pain and sorrow to have to write this letter on a day where this shul has seen its fifth young victim to pass away in 1 year. Our sages taught us not to believe in coincidence, but rather that everything is from Heaven. How many more “Korbonos “ must we sacrifice till we awaken from our slumber!!! While other shuls are burying their octogenarian members, we are burying our young members?! What is it about Kehilas Yaakov that Hashem is singling us out? We have shiurim B’H, We have tehillim groups B’H, We are considered Baalei Batim who are Kovea Itim B’H, and we’re known as a shul whose members don’t talk during davening! So we ask , what then is Hashem seeking from us??? We have heard countless droshos about doing teshuva etc… but Raboisai we all missed the boat! Apparently our rov has failed to bring up a Gemoro that explains it all! Please open up a Gemoro Shabbos daf 139 and read it carefully! Here is the English version: (a) (Beraisa - R. Yosi bar Elisha): If you see many afflictions coming on the generation, check the judges - every punishment that comes to the world is on account of judges of Yisrael . etc…(b) Hashem will not rest His Shechinah on Yisrael until evil judges and enforcers cease. This is because evil Rabbis who are taking the role as judges in a Bais –Din, and render corrupt rulings, are causing innocent people to be shamed in public, suffer great financial loss, and mar their reputations. In the story of Kamtza, bar-Kamtza, our sages tell us that the humiliation of a “lowly jew” coupled with the utter silence of the Rabbonim present who did not protest this public humiliation of their fellow jew, brought out the fury of Hashems wrath (Chas Vesholom) and we lost our Bais Hamikdosh. (see attached torah tavlin –Parshas Devorim).

Rabbi Bess and others don’t mention this Gemoro because it pertains to them!!! Lets not kid ourselves! We must face the truth now before our final Yom Hadin!!!
Rabbi Bess and the RCC have hurt many people in this town with their corruptive logic and corruptive decisions. Do we need to list examples of whom they destroyed their reputation in Hashgocho matters, like Rabbi Bukspan who suffered great financial loss because of false rumors ! The list goes on and on…… Most recently,Rabbi Bess and the RCC members announced in shul to ‘protest in front of a man’s parent’s home relating to a Get issue. Where do you Rabbi Bess and the RCC find a heter to a) humiliate in public a third party not involved!!! B) where do you Rabbi Bess and the RCC find a heter to humiliate a man who has already deposited a Get in a Chareidi Bais Din, and had already agreed to appear in front of Rabbi Teichmans Bais Din all the while his wife feigns to be an Agunah, and yet you publicly denounce his GET and mock his choice of Bais Din . See:   Do you thing Hashem will stand by when these people are humiliated in vain while you and the RCC go on promoting a political agenda?!

Raboisai, you will not see such a letter again, nor will you hear any droshos in a shul about corrupt Batei Dinim because no Rabbonim want to face the truth and commit to change, and therefore history will repeat itself over and over. Just as in Kamtza Bar Kamtza the Chachomim remained silent, so will people today continue to ignore the raw facts that stare them in the face and say “don’t rock the boat “. The solution is what the Torah states : ” UBIARTA HORA MIKIRBECHO” (Devorim 13, Posuk 6). We must remove the evil amongst us , lest we be held accountable for their sins as Chazal state that those who stand idly by and don’t protest will be swallowed in with the sinners. Such as we see that Korach’s followers were punished too.

Therefore, we will not be “politically correct” but say it straight: Rabbi Bess must be removed as the Rov immediately and we must disassociate ourselves from the RCC. We must demonstrate to Hashem that we will no longer tolerate a leader nor his corrupted organization (RCC) who are destroyers of harmony in our community. We must find a new ROV who can unite the community and work on projects that help build and not destroy. It is our sincere wish that you will heed these words and help bring to our shul and community sholom, besurot tovot, and happiness.