Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The above rabbinic gangsters have created a big CHILUL HASHEM in the Jewish Community. They thought that they were above the law by organizing a terror gang that systematically tortured and kidnapped men to extort a get from them. These corruptors of halacha not only violated the laws of the land, but apparently also caused adulterous marriages to occur. These actions invariably lead to the creation of mamzeirim. They have done all of this despite the outcries of many rabbis in Israel. Read more about their insidious activities at the following links here:   and here:  and here:  .
These gangsters are a disgrace to Judaism. The public needs to be warned to stay away from these so-called rabbis who parade themselves around as righteous figures in religious garb, but in reality are nothing more than prostitutes for money and feminist causes.
We highly suggest to any woman out there who received a get from any of these men to get another one as soon as possible. Otherwise you may be living in sin.