Sunday, July 4, 2010


After Gershon Bess has been the recipient of a Seiruv for his corruptive activities, another prominent Bais Din in Ny has issued a condemnation against Herschel Schachter, Avrohom Union and Nochum Sauer for their incessant corruptive behavior against Meir Kin. see:
It is Laughable that today Nochum Sauer is giving a shiur on the topic of "Kovod Horrabonim"(honoring the rabbis). see: .
The Kli Yakar in Parshas Pinchas states thatwhen one commits a Chilul Hashem as Zimri has done, he denigrates his Rabbi who is his direct link to the Torah. Therefore Nochum Sauer, you should "practice what you preach". In your attempts to shame Meir Kin, you are in fact desecrating your own Rabbonim.