Sunday, August 1, 2010


Gershon Bess , Avrohom Union, Nochum Sauer, Herschel Schachter, and Jeremy Stern from ORA ( have already been condemned by a Bais Din in Monsey Ny for their outright lies,and slander(see blogs below). It appears that every time Meir Kin produces new evidence to back up his claims, they generate a new letter from “the chief Rabbinate in Israel” or from someone else,denouncing his Bais Din in Monsey Ny. The above liars are experts in the science of deceit as they so cleverly avoid the essence of this case in an attempt to sidewind and divert attention away from the real facts of this case. So lets begin to outline once again the facts of this case which will stand on their own merit.
1) Lonna Kin has from the getgo litigated in the civil courts and refused to go to Bais Din. There is no dispute from any reputable Haredi leader , that pursuing litigation in the civil courts is a terrible sin and those rabbis that assist such women have been brandished as evil and wicked. Additionally many great Rabbis like Rabbi Shternbuch consider such a woman a "MOREDES" and allow the man to remarry See: also see: and . At these links you clearly read about the serious nature of litigating in the civil courts.
2) Lonna Kin went one step further, and obtained a “GAG-ORDER” prohibiting Meir Kin from speaking freely in front of any Bais Din . She did this intentionally because the information that she had to hide was so damaging, that any fair minded Bais Din would of yanked custody away from her. See the letter from Rabbi ginzburg warning other rabbis not to place a Seiruv on Meir kin because of this gag-order:
See: and and
3)Lonna Kin voluntarily dismissed her NY Supreme Court Divorce petition after litigating Meir for 2 years and wasting over $100,000 of his monies to pay his attorneys. She did this after the judge ordered her to submit computers to Meir’s forensic examiner. She feared that the evidence will make her lose custody of their son. See:
Therefore the delay of her civil Divorce and the GET was her own doing and she was conducting “forum shopping”.
4)Meir Kin has offered her 4 Bais Dins to attend and she refused all of them. Ironically, the first Bais Din “Even Hamishpot” from Rabbi Gobioff, has not been criticized by any of the above , yet what was her excuse for not attending to this Bais Din? The other Bais Dins were Kedushas levi, Shaar Hamishpot, and Rabbi Teichmans Bais Din in LA, which Avrohom Union nixed.
5)Meir deposited a kosher Get on March 2008 but Lonna and her cohorts are coming up with all sorts of excuses that the GET is not kosher. Rabbi Gestetner , one of the dayanim that presided over the GET had issued a letter confirming the legitimacy of the Get, but the above scoundrels continue to mock his words despite being a big talmid Chochom who published many works and has the endorsements of many great Rabbis . See:     and
1) Why have they not issued any criticism against lonna kin for choosing to arbitrate in the civil courts, and her failure to exit from the civil courts after seeing the above letters that make it clear the prohibition of being in the civil courts?
2) Why have they not required of her to remove the GAG order so that he can speak freely in front of a Bais Din?
3) Why was it necessary to issue a new Seiruv against Meir Kin instead of reissuing the original RCC Seiruv? What was the purpose of getting Herschel Schachter from Ny to sign an LA seiruv? Why did Gershon Bess, who was involved in the case not sign the Seiruv, but instead had his buddies do it? Why were there no hazmonos (summons) sent to Meir Kin prior to the issuance of this new fraudulent Seiruv? This makes this new Seiruv so blatantly corruptive!
4) Why does the RCC act inconsistently in matters of Divorce. According to a 2006 Jewish Journal Article, Avrohom Union from the RCC supposedly took sides with Rabbi Hagai Batzri in allowing him to remarry without requiring him to offer his former wife a GET. He in fact issued him a letter giving him permission under jewish law to remarry and exempting him the requirement to deposit or issue a Get to his wife. Yet with Meir Kin, who had already demonstrated his sincerity and good faith by depositing a Get at his Bais Din, has been the victim of undue harsh criticism and harassment by the above individuals. See:
5) The RCC itself is regarded as a corrupted Bais Din that does not follow Rabbinic protocol as well as civil protocol in calling itself an arbitration panel as evidenced by criticism from the courts in one case with Nochum Sauer and in the other case with Gershon Bess, who presided on a Bais Din case involving his own son Mark Bess. See: and . How then can anyone trust what they say about Meir Kin?!
6) Jeremy Stern from ORA has felt so proud of himself that he produced 2 letters from the office of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel .it appears so laughable that none of these letters contain the signatures of the chief rabbis themselves but instead contain the signatures of their secretaries or other assistants. Secondly, these letters don’t offer any proof that Rabbi Gestetner or Rabbi Abraham are incompetent or have done anything to invalidate their Gittin. Therefore Jeremy, these letters are nothing but “hot air” that you are trying to blow on the community to impress your moot point. Additionally to obtain a letter today using bribes is as easy as eating applepie. You also produced a letter from Yechiel Tauber after the Seiruv was issued against Gershon Bess . Why was this letter against Rabbi Abraham produced now? This letter states that Rabbi Abraham is senile. Does this mean that before his senility his Gittin were kosher? What about Rav Elyashiv and Rabbi Wosner from Israel who are approaching 100 years old, are we to consider them senile and their rulings invalid?

7)Why does Herschel Schachter, Gershon Bess, Avrohom Union, Nochum Sauer, Jeremy Stern from ORA, defame and harrass Meir Kin directly and not his Bais Din? He is just following what his Rabbis are advising him! Doesn't every person have a right to choose his own Rabbi?

8) Nobody has shown any proof why the Get that Meir Kin had written on behalf of Lonna kin is not kosher. Additionally nobody has proven why the two Bais Dins in Monsey are not acceptable as a valid Bais Din. Instead you only hear the rhetoric of “nobody regards them as acceptable”. According to Torah law this is not the way you disqualify another Bais Din. No letters issued by anybody can invalidate another person or Bais Din when not substantiated with solid proof. You must show some sort of evidence to qualify your claims! Interestingly, there were multitudes who opposed Dovid Hamelech citing that he was unfit because he emanated from a Moavite, The Rambam and the Rabbi Moshe Chaim luzzato(Ramchal), because their works were regarded as heresy, and Pinchos who killed Zimri because he was a young lad who dared to oppose a chief of a tribe namely Zimri. Yet after time has passed all these great historical giants of Torah were revealed as “true giants of Torah” that deserve respect and honor. We are equally sure that time will show that Rabbi Abraham from Kedushas Levi and Rabbi Gestetner from Shaar Hamishpot who both do not take monies for a Din Torah are being opposed by “the multitudes” only because of their staunch stance for the emes in Din despite the common tendencies to pander to the feminist movement, and their refusal to take bribes , which has worried the other Bais Dins in America that they might lose potential business, as men who seek true Din in Divorce matters will arbitrate in their monsey Bais Dins.
Thererfore it appears quite clearly that the Meir kin/Lonna Kin divorce debacle is nothing more than the playing out of a political drama. The RCC was either bribed or owes a favor to Herschel Schachter from YU. Conversely, Herschel Schachter and ORA his Aguna campaign machine, are always looking for a good poster child to advertise their cause. Perhaps alternatively, they are opposing Meir Kin for the simple reason that he chose a Bais Din that is their competitor and will do anything to wipe out the competitor! Our message to the above wicked rabbis and Jeremy Stern, is to please stop wasting your time with LA community as we will no longer shed those tears that you want us to shed. Your campaign is nothing more than Loshon Hora/ Motzi shem Ra . Lonna Kin has no halachic status of an Aguna whatsoever.She can pick up a kosher Get whenever she is ready! As soon as the multitudes will read this blog and analyze it, you will have lost your credibility. Please save your energies in helping women who truly have no way to obtain a GET.