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This website was created to alert the public of the chronic infestation of Rabbinic corruption in the 21st Century. This should serve no-surprise to anyone as Jewish history is riddled with infamous personalities that were once thought to be upstanding and righteous,only later to be discovered as rotten to the core . We have found that the factors that are most responsible for their corrupted behaviors are money, sex, and power. There are sites that dedicate themselves to exposing Rabbinic Pedophilia, others related to exposing money laundering schemes . We will focus this site on Rabbinic corruption as it relates to Divorce and the issuance of a GET. In the last 20-30 years , the Orthodox Jewish world saw a dramatic rise in the Divorce rate, and with it came the potential for great profit. Typically, when a couple wants a GET, they must spend about $1000 to obtain one. This does not include the fees paid to the Judges who preside on the Bais Din, nor does it include what you pay to your Toein (Rabbinic lawyer), which can typically run as high as a paying a Civil Attorney. Unfortunately, the money hunger has "blinded" many Rabbis to conduct themselves in a manner opposite the spirit of the Torah Law and in many cases commit sins against the Torah in their quest for this lucrative business. This problem has gotten so out of control that a group of individuals have organized this site for public awareness to help protest and warn their loved ones from falling prey to these corrupted rabbis. Let us begin with: 1) "the spirit of the law". The Talmud states that the Mizbeach (altar) would "cry" when a family unit is broken. Family unity is vital in Jewish Life, yet we don’t see enough attempts for reconciliation being made by these "rabbis" who supposedly arrange for the GET. Why do they hasten to break up families? 2)The Talmud emphasized that the laws of Divorce (Gittin) are more stringent than the laws of marriage (Kiddushin). Yet we see droves of rabbis just tossing away the basic laws of the Torah as if it belonged to them and could do as they wish. The violations committed are a) assisting women to enter the Civil Courts to litigate their husbands. This is being done even when the husband agrees to come to Bais Din, but requests to go to his Bais Din as a defendant is allowed in Halocho. This sin constitutes "mesira" which is from the gravest of all sins, aside from violating the Torah’s mandate that all litigation be done in front of Torah observant Judges. B) coercing the man to issue a GET (which is not allowed in most circumstances), thru methods of public humiliation, intimidation, harassment and the issuance of a false and pretentious "Seiruv". Once this false seiruv is issued, they use this as a springboard to advertise his name on websites such as
Additionally his name might appear in the Jewish Press and other publications. These are all tactics to coerce the man to give a GET. C) The final outcome in many cases are a Get procured thru coercion which is invalid and ANY WOMAN REMARRYING WITH SUCH A GET, IS IN VIOLATION OF ADULTERY AND HER CHILDREN ARE MAMZEIRIM! Unfortunately, many innocent women blindly follow their rabbis advice, (after paying them large sums of monies) thinking that they have a "clean road ahead" of them for remarrying, as well as the continuance of their "pristine yichus" (geneology). This false sense of security comes back later to haunt them when they try to make shidduchim for their children and grandchildren, only to find out that someone had checked into their "Divorce Circumstances" and had his/her Rabbi advise against such a Shidduch, considering that prospect a Mamzer or even worse, a "questionable Mamzer".
These corruptive rabbinic ruling not only bring about multiple sins, but also set up the groundwork to dismantle the traditional reknowned sanctity of our Geneology which in many familes have remained pristine dating back to King David. This matter is so grave that even amongst the Orthodox "frum from birth" homes ,one must be prudent in investigating any family that underwent Divorce to assure that the Get was procured willingly by the husband. Another bit of sad news to report to you, is that we cannot recommend any Rabbis whom you can discuss this issue with, because of the rampant plague of Rabbinic corruption of epidemic proportions. This means that a Rabbi today is either corrupt or silent. The silent one is afraid to speak the truth lest he offend the corrupted one and suffer the consequences. What we find most interesting is that the corrupted rabbis do things stealthfully,away from the public eye and never back up their rulings publicly and without citing halachic sources to their rulings!!!! The contrast to them are the few remainding authentic rabbis that will issue letters protesting their actions and quote halachic sources. Please, Please don’t be misled into thinking "it cant be", since this rabbi has a long beard, is well respected, and knows shas by heart"!!! Just review your Tenach and you will find plenty of "great men" who were later discovered to be heretics or worse. Please see links below as well as the embedded image of a letter above, signed by 50 Rabbis decrying Get coercions, annulments and the sin of litigating in the Civil Courts:

After reading all these letters, do you get the point? There are enough letters cited above to convince you that Rabbinic Corruption is a real problem ! If you want to test a particular Rabbi if he's corrupted, show him the above letters and observe his reaction. If he belittles the letters and brushes them aside without providing his own authentic halachic rulings that opposes the above Rabbis' claims; you then know that he's a fraud like all the other fraudulent Rabbis. One cannot brush aside these rabbinic corruption claims! It is our fervent hope that you will internalize what has been written and help Klal Yisroel restore true Mishpot Votsedek by removing your naïveté and assist in stopping the acts of corruption, and advise couples who are contemplating Divorce, to divorce in a kosher manner that will preserve our heritage and future.

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