Monday, December 28, 2015


An Israeli rabbi and attorney is accusing feminists of focusing their devotion towards women instead of to G-d.
Dov Halbertal says that religious feminists, who in the past were mostly religious zionists but now increasingly also charedi, are exhibiting behavior which is very much at odds with the cautious approach to the women's liberation movement espoused by the venerated Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik זצ"ל, who was the undisputed leader of the Modern Orthodox world in the previous generation.
Rabbi Soloveitchik has stated that although in a theoretical sense men and women are inherently equal, and should be treated as such, when it all boils down to practical halacha the Torah assigns very different roles to males and females, depending upon the circumstances. And those ancient guidelines can never be changed.
As an example, we find that a woman is disqualified from bearing witness, but then again, so is a king. No one would assume that a king is more lowly than a simple water carrier, and certainly neither would a woman be, and yet that is the halacha.
In another example, Rabbi Soloveitchik professed the idea that a woman should generally not assume positions of authorty in communal life, including forbidding them to become ritual slaughterers, but did allow females to become kashruth supervisors, even stating that in that capacity they are better than the men.
Rabbi Halbertal was close to Rav Elyashiv זצ"ל 
In this new age of radical ideas, where we see that feminist rabbis are desperately trying to gain the approval of women by trying to artificially level the playing field in marriage and divorce, we should remind them that their attempt at changing the metaphysical laws of the universe is only going to lead to disaster.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Rabbi Mendel Epstein appeared Tuesday.Let this be a warning to all you marriage-busting, phony agunah chasing rabbis and askanim out there: The game is over and your time has come.

You thought that you were the Untouchables, but instead you were taken down like the common criminals that you are by no less than the FBI and the Federal Justice System. It didn't even help you to have your case heard by a female judge, Freda Wolfson, in the liberal Blue State of New Jersey. Although you conducted your affairs according to the false בעל of feminism, you should have been championing the cause of the downtrodden בעל. You are the modern day version of the 
עשרת עושים-מעשי-המן, but instead of going up the tree you are going up the river:

Martin Wolmark, who made sure not to leave a mark, was sentenced to 3 years;
Ariel Potash, those heads he could bash, got a year and 2 months;
Sholom Shuchat, who was prepared to slaughter, was sentenced to time served;
Binyamin Stimler, who was ready to sting but instead got stung, received 3 years and 3 months;
David Hellman, who could really give'm hell, got 4 years;
Simcha Bulmash, who could smash like a bull, got 4 years;
Avrohom Goldstein,
Moshe Goldstein and
Jay Goldstein, who would never miss a golden opportunity, were sentenced to 3 years 9 months, 4 years and 8 years respectively.
Mendel Epstein, the שור מועד  and Prodfather, got a life sentence of 10 years.

This horrible saga has been well covered in the media, including in some international outlets: