Sunday, July 4, 2010


After Gershon Bess has been the recipient of a Seiruv for his corruptive activities, another prominent Bais Din in Ny has issued a condemnation against Herschel Schachter, Avrohom Union and Nochum Sauer for their incessant corruptive behavior against Meir Kin. see:
It is Laughable that today Nochum Sauer is giving a shiur on the topic of "Kovod Horrabonim"(honoring the rabbis). see: .
The Kli Yakar in Parshas Pinchas states thatwhen one commits a Chilul Hashem as Zimri has done, he denigrates his Rabbi who is his direct link to the Torah. Therefore Nochum Sauer, you should "practice what you preach". In your attempts to shame Meir Kin, you are in fact desecrating your own Rabbonim.

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Nechama said...

These supposed rabbis have no business doing what they did to meir Kin. He has left a GET for Lonna Kin . That is better than most recalcitrant husbands out there. There is definetly some type of political agenda out there that wants to remove all rights of a husband so that evil women should dominate. Its prophetic that the Torah has given the man the power of giving the GET, otherwise what would happen??? Dr Laura Schlesinger is a big advocate for women to return to their "feminine roots" and she opposes feminism. She has frequesntly advocated that women employ loving tactics to "win over the love and attention of their husbands! What a great idea! if only these women who are divorcing would employ fair, balance and non confrontational tactics, they would probably achieve a Get sooner! I blame the corrupted rabbis who feed hate , animosity into these women thereby delaying and even preventing some husbands to offer a GET! Why should he if he';s being tortured by her! After reading and which contains a historical perspective of this case, I am convinced that Lonna Kin Ralbag is a mean spirited woman who is a "all or nothing" type of person.