Sunday, January 13, 2008

RCC rabbinical Corruption in california

In the recent case of the "MOSER" relating to the "Spinker"money laundering scandal, I found it pathetic that once again Shachter, from Riets in NYC, and the RCC of California have been quoted as saying that in financial matters "its prohibited to inform the authorities against another jew".What hippocrits they and other rabbis are who allow women to JAIL their husbands or ex-husband in matters relating to finances;be it in divorce proceedings,child support arrears,or a means to extort a GET.There is no basis to have a person jailed in ANY case other than when this person is a danger and menace to society.Such as a rapist,robber,molester,wife beater,child abuser or predator.It is a fact that in many jails today,men are raped or beaten by other scum in the jail,because our system doesnt always put a "nice jew with a nice Goy"!! See this link where rabbi shachter own words prohibit it! I abhor and am disgusted with Rabbis who bend the rules where they see fit to meet their agenda.So no rabbi shachter,no rabbi belski,no rabbi union,no rabbi landesman,no rabbi bryks,no rabbi ralbag, no rabbi kohn, ETC,ETC,ETC.......... A HETER ARKOOS IS UNCALLED FOR WHEN THE MAN DOESNT POSE A DANGER TO HIS WIFE OR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


trustyurgut said...

what does landesman have to do with this? he is not on rcc boards?

sounds like personal grudge.

Zev said...

Definately sounds like a personal grudge. Seeing the names that are listed, it sounds like it has something to do with the flyers circulating around LA regarding Meir Kin who is refusing to give a Get to his wife or go to a legitamate Beis Din.

He's the one that took his wife to Civil court in California and she's trying to get him to go to Beis Din. It's pathetic to see how low some people would go to discredit others.

Anonymous said...

sorry zev, but youre getting the facts all wrong.are you zev lewinson who is rumored in monsey to be having an affair with lonna Kin? Many people already know all about your unusual "personal interest" in this appears that you are the only one in Monsey who cares so deeply.

Michael said...
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YiddisheMan said...
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