Sunday, June 27, 2010


Gershon Bess seems to enjoy the political limelight. He just barely finished the scandal involving the fish, and now decides to reignite the fires against Meir Kin. This site became aware that Gershon Bess was summoned to a Din- Torah by a Bais Din in NY, but Gershon refuses to appear. http// He feels that a rabbi cannot be summoned since "he never makes mistakes". So after receiving a 3rd Hazmono prior to the issuance of A Seiruv against him,he preempts that Bais Din and retaliates against Meir Kin by arranging for a false Seiruv to be issued by another fraudulent Bais Din with whom 2 of its rabbis are Avrohom Union and Nochum Sauer. All the while he pretends to hide behind the scene. To add more salt to the wound, he refers this false seiruv once again to Herschel the Schlechter from Y.U and his group of talmidim ORA, who have nothing better to do than to rally at peoples homes. You can read all about these latest develpments by visiting: . Gershon Bess refused to apologize for placing a false Seiruv on Meir Kin 2 years ago but instead wants to "murder" him in the eyes of Halocho by publicly shaming him and his family.


Anonymous said...

6-27-10 rabbi Gershon bess 90036and RCC needs to follow what they preach if they require people to go to beit din they too should go to one if they are supponed there is no double standard

Anonymous said...

I saw the Seiruv they placed on Meir Kin. Its fraudulent. Where does it state a name, adress of this Bais Din? How does herschel Schachter and Union sauer sit in the same Bais Din? Its a fraud!!!!!!!!!

d Newman said...

Rabbi Baruch Gradon has taken over a half a million in bribes from a man who claims him and his family (Richard and Philip Cohen)
have the RCC in his pocket.