Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Rabbi Mendel Epstein appeared Tuesday.Let this be a warning to all you marriage-busting, phony agunah chasing rabbis and askanim out there: The game is over and your time has come.

You thought that you were the Untouchables, but instead you were taken down like the common criminals that you are by no less than the FBI and the Federal Justice System. It didn't even help you to have your case heard by a female judge, Freda Wolfson, in the liberal Blue State of New Jersey. Although you conducted your affairs according to the false בעל of feminism, you should have been championing the cause of the downtrodden בעל. You are the modern day version of the 
עשרת עושים-מעשי-המן, but instead of going up the tree you are going up the river:

Martin Wolmark, who made sure not to leave a mark, was sentenced to 3 years;
Ariel Potash, those heads he could bash, got a year and 2 months;
Sholom Shuchat, who was prepared to slaughter, was sentenced to time served;
Binyamin Stimler, who was ready to sting but instead got stung, received 3 years and 3 months;
David Hellman, who could really give'm hell, got 4 years;
Simcha Bulmash, who could smash like a bull, got 4 years;
Avrohom Goldstein,
Moshe Goldstein and
Jay Goldstein, who would never miss a golden opportunity, were sentenced to 3 years 9 months, 4 years and 8 years respectively.
Mendel Epstein, the שור מועד  and Prodfather, got a life sentence of 10 years.

This horrible saga has been well covered in the media, including in some international outlets:  


Anonymous said...

It is nothing new for white knights to fall all over themselves enabling and excusing psychotic women who make their husbands walk the gang-plank:
But in this case these rabbis were the actual pirates who gave the heave-ho!

Esther said...

now let the FBI go after ORA and jeremy stern. Lets see Ora shut down and Herschel the Schlechter and all his RCA, BDA gang go to prison. Yimach Shmom.

Michael said...

Also we need to get Leib landesman, Aryeh ralbag and peretz Steinberg.