Wednesday, January 27, 2016


David Wax.png(Photo credit-AP)

He couldn't hold a candle to Judge Freda Wolfson.
David Wax, the Lakewood rabbi whose arrest in 2011 set the wheels of justice in motion for the apprehension of Mendel "The Prodfather" Epstein and his gang, was sentenced to seven years behind bars. His wife Judy was sentenced to two years probation for her role in the kidnapping and beating of Yisroel Meir Bryskman, which was orchestrated after the pair received a payment of $100,000 from the family of Bryskman's then wife to pressure him to give a get. Because it's always nice to do a good greed - - I mean deed. After all, someone needed to pay for the new carpeting as a result of Yisroel's blood being spilled all over the floor.
It was previously reported that Wax was put up to be the songbird that he was, implicating Epstein and Wolmark, in exchange for a sweet deal for himself that never materialized.
So what went wrong? Here is where we learn the lesson of not trying to pull one over on the judge. Wax thought he could go over Freda Wolfson's head by not cooperating fully with the prosecution as he agreed. While this development seemed to have worked in Epstein's son David's favor, who walked, it nevertheless ticked off the judge, and got Wax's behind handed to him. One gets the feeling that the underpinnings of graft and patronage still dig deep.
So now that this thug in rabbinical clothing was put away, it's time to expose the other fake rabbis who coddle the perpetrators of child abuse, blame the victim, keep undesirable kids out of schools, and break apart families.
It looks like it's time for a new kind of wax museum. 

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Anonymous said...

may he rot in jail with all of them. ironically, David waks rabbi is Yisroel Belsky whos too busy right now answering to the court of heaven for all his deeds.