Sunday, April 25, 2010

The top 10 ways the Orthodox rabbis divorced themselves from halocho

It is with a heavy heart that we report to you the serious degeneration of some Orthodox Rabbis involved in Gittin. They have strayed so far from the Torah values for personal gratification as well as pandering to the jewish feminist causes, to the point that it threatens the credibility of the Jewish court system, questions the legitimacy of Rabbinic Orthodox leadership, and places our very lineage in jeopardy as you will soon see. We will illustrate raw facts that are difficult to dispute as they speak for themselves. There is no need to look too far back and hear of other examples that reveal Rabbinic Corruption, as one can read about it all over the internet. We encourage you to read the editorial below dated Jan 1, 2010. That editorial cites several letters by many respected Rabbis that validate our point definitively. Therefore, let us begin to cite the top 10 sins committed by these corrupted rabbis.
1) First and foremost they promote the sin of litigating Jewish matters in the Civil Courts. There is absolutely no excuse to advise women to adjudicate their Divorce proceedings in the Civil Courts as a first resort. In many such instances where a woman or a man proceed directly to the Civil Courts, you dont find these rabbis admonishing this behavior, but instead continue to support them in their ultimate goal of extorting a GET from their spouses. A rabbi supporting a sinner is also a sinner as listed above in the previous editorial letters. See:
Also see:
2) Often times a woman doesnt stop here, but proceeds to harass her husband endlessly by falsly obtaining "Orders of Protection" and having their husbands jailed. These tactics are advised to them by rabbis and their lawyers. This sin constitutes "MESIRA", which by itself is a grave sin in the Torah. Interestingly, in the famous case of the "MOSER" Robert Kasirer, the rabbis did denounce him and distanced themselves from him. This begs the question: "why are the rabbis applying a double -standard?" In Halacha, a MOSER is a MOSER and no cases should be tolerated! Yet we see that women who have their husbands jailed are once again being assisted by the rabbis to extricate coercive Gittin from their husbands? Why are the rabbis assisting "Baalei Aveira"? Please see the blog below how Hershel Schachter from Yeshiva University contradicts himself in his video lecture on Mesira. In the video he illustrates the prohibition of Mesira and how it can only apply to serious offenders that need to be incarcarated. Yet, in reality he spearheads an organization called "ORA"
( that advises women to apply any method of harrassment including jailing them to coercivly obtain a Get.
3) The rabbis have manipulated the system in such a way that fairness to the man is non existent. They manage to take away the man's right as a "Nitva" (Respondent/Defendant) to choose his Bais Din. See:
4) They will denounce his choice of Bais Din as "unacceptable to them" for various reasons, but will not offer substantive evidence why his choice of Rabbi or Bais Din is invalid. These statements are Loshon Hora , Motzi shem Ra on innocent Rabbis and their Bais Dins. This is supposedly their way to "eliminate the competition". Once again see blog below how Rabbi Moshe Green from Monsey, Ny has done this for a "bribe" from one of his Yeshiva supporters.
5) The rabbis who operate the corrupted Bais Dins refuse to apply the dictum of "BAME DANTONI" which essentially denies due process. This process of "BAME DANTONI" allows the litigants to verify if authentic Jewish principles and law were applied and not just whim, ignorance, or adherence to a value system outside of the Torah. The transparency afforded by this provision holds rabbis accountable, which is precisely what the rabbis are trying to avoid.
6) They often refuse to substantiate their rulings and will not even offer any halachic sources to back-up their decisions. This can be seen with the recent RCC(Rabbinical council of california) debacle where they publicly announced that certain fish cannot be consumed due to worm infestations but did not cite any Halachic sources to back them. Instead, they referenced, "We did extensive research", but did not state what the research was. Many rabbis in LA instructed their congregants to ignore their ruling as it was unsubstantiated in Halacha.
7) The rabbis use seiruvim as a way to publicly humiliate men who dont subject themselves to their arbitration panel, even though as a "Nitva"(respondent) he has a right to choose his own Bais Din. See: The Poskim forbid writing a Seiruv as long as the Nitva agrees to go to a bais Din. See:
8) They make you sign a "Shtar Beirurin" which halachacally is not required, but do so to enforce their corruptive rulings in a civil court.
9) Once they issue a false Seiruv, they use the seiruv as a "springboard" to harass family members in the hopes that the family would pressure the litigant. Once again there is no basis in Halacha to embarrass and cause financial loss to third parties.
10) They sanction the marriages with women who obtained Gittin thru coercive methods and some even with illegitimate annullments. These practices can easily result in the birth of mamzeirim.

The corruptive principles that these rabbis are applying are under the guise of "We need to free the Agunot." This is a misguided statement as the Talmud that references the need to help Agunot is referring to cases where its almost impossible for the woman to remarry becuase her husband is lost at sea, or at battle etc. However in modern days, this is not the case in most divorce proceedings. Many men wishing to give their wives Gittin are simply requesting a fair Din -Torah that will follow true Torah principles, and even have deposited a GET at their Bais Din already; yet the corrupted rabbis will proclaim the woman to be an Agunah because she is not given the GET outright. It is as if she can litigate him in the Civil Courts, take all his children , monies etc.. and yet brazenly demand a GET with no due process in a Bais Din. There are halachacally accepted remedies which are being skirted for mere convenience or for financial gain. It is therefore our responsibility to advise the public to carefully examine the facts of a particular Orthodox Jewish divorce to ascertain that all the Halochot were adhered to in the strictest way and especially prior to considering a marriage proposal of a woman that received such a questionable GET.


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that this author is referring to Gershon bess and the RCC as they are known for their corruptive activities

Doniel said...

you are so right about rabbinic corruption. my cousin from Boro Park went thru a divorce and rabbi aryeh ralbag was ruling against him and coercing him until someone advised him to slip a "couple of green bills" and low and behold he mysteriously won the case. so its all about who can grease the dayans hand better.

Nice Jewish Girl said...

I'm a Baal Tshuva & at times have heard alot of flack from family members against Rabbis & frum people in general, they are insincere, they only look at the surface, they are corrupt etc. I know the majority are not this way of course, but things like this really confirm the cynicism that is out there. It's a chilul Hashem & could have a terrible unintended backlash.